Coffee session Kit


In addition to roasting your coffee every week, we teach you to enjoy it and prepare it in the best way with a personalized session.

Receive your fresh coffee at home and connect to learn how to prepare it. Learn to enjoy the finer things in life. In this experience, you will be able to awaken your senses and enjoy your coffee.

To prepare a good coffee you have to choose it wisely. If you drink coffee at the office or at home we are sure that you can enjoy it even more.

It doesn’t matter if you make it with a machine, a fabric filter, or a special ‘barista’ method: after this experience, it will taste even better!

What does your coffee do for you?

With your Coffee Session Kit, you’ll learn about coffee, and increase the income of small coffee farms that you can also visit.

Your kit includes:

  • Fresh roasted coffee
  • Envío nacional en Colombia
  • Access to a Coffee session
  • 1 hour full of fun and entertainment with an expert taster to awaken your senses, enjoy the flavors and the best coffee.

IMPORTANT NOTE: No previous experience is needed 🙂