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Receive ONE coffee session and free shipping with your subscription!

Harvested in the mountains of Antioquia and roasted in Medellín, we’ll send you our fresh coffee every month so you can enjoy it in all its splendor.

These days it is less convenient than ever to go out for a pound of coffee, plus you don’t know how long it has been there on the shelf losing its best attributes. With this monthly coffee delivery subscription, you will receive the coffee you like the most for the next 6 months and you will have access to one of our special coffee sessions, so you can learn, travel, and enjoy this delightful drink even more!

What does your coffee do for you?

With your subscription, you will learn about coffee, help to increase the income of small coffee farms and you will also contribute to the project of biological corridors in Southwest Antioquia.

Your subscription includes:

  • Fresh roasted coffee x 6 months
  • Free international shipping
  • 1 coffee session
  • Special content

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Know our varieties



Flavor Profile: Sugar cane, chocolate, delicate fruity sensation



Flavor Profile: Caramel, soft citric acidity, cocoa beans



Flavor Profile: Powerful aroma, traditional “panela”, citrus fruits