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6 Month Subscription - Estación Medellín

6 Month Subscription

From: $244.00 every 6 months

Save up to $50 and get free shipping!

You have tasted our coffee and are fascinated by it.

Always fresh picked from the mountains of Colombia, carefully roasted to ensure peak flavor, and then quickly shipped so you can enjoy it in all its glory.

Sure, it’s more convenient to buy coffee at the grocery store than waiting a week for the package to arrive.

But we guarantee this will be worth your time!

That’s why we created our monthly delivery Subscription. Only one payment and for the next 6 months you don’t have to think about buying coffee.

All you have to do is anticipate its arrival and know how great it’s going to taste. Just select the kind of coffee you prefer, the amount you want delivered to your home, and we’ll take care of everything.

You’ll never have to worry about ordering coffee again. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Here’s even better news:

With your subscription, you’re supporting 3 extra days of income for a family of coffee growers during harvest time.

How cool is that?

Cool enough that we’ll give you a discount up to 50 USD and throw in free shipping.

As always, you can cancel at any time (although we doubt you’ll ever want to stop drinking our amazing coffee).

And remember, your subscription includes:

  • The ability to change the variety of coffee you prefer, every month.
  • A special boarding pass that gives you the opportunity to come to Colombia and visit one of our farms (we can’t wait to meet you!).
  • One surprise Colombian Sweet every month.

So let’s get started. Select one of our fine Colombian coffees today!


Know our varieties


Flavor Profile: Sugar cane, chocolate, delicate fruity sensation

Aroma: 3 – Acidity: 3 – Body: 3 – Roasting: 3


Flavor Profile: Caramel, soft citric acidity, cocoa beans

Aroma: 3 – Acidity: 2 – Body: 4 – Roasting: 4


Flavor Profile: Powerful aroma, traditional “panela”, citrus fruits

Aroma: 4 – Acidity: 4 – Body: 3 – Roasting: 2