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Save 30 USD in shipping and discounts on coffee!

If coffee is essential for your work routine, and you want to have fresh delicious coffee by your side conveniently deliver to your door, you’ll enjoy this subscription.

Get your new French press with your first shipment and 2 Lbs of your selected coffee variety. Begin the path of coffee masters your everyday coffee with this simple, fun and delicious brewing method.

For the next 6 happy months with one payment, you will get 2 Lbs of coffee and off course, you can change the variety of coffee you prefer, every month.

Plus, with the coffee enjoy a product from our Colombian flavor kit!

Activate your senses with this exotic experience; have a different taste of what you usually do and experiencing the culture of a different country from home.

Sustainability news: With your subscription, you’re supporting 3 extra days of income for a family of coffee growers during harvest time.

This coffee is sustainable enough that we’ll give you a discount and throw in free shipping.

As always, you can cancel at any time (although we doubt you’ll ever want to stop drinking our amazing coffee) And remember, your subscription includes:

  • A brand new french press so you can make delicious coffee with your first coffee delivery
  • 2 pounds of coffee of the variety of coffee you selected, every month.
  • The ability to change the amount and variety of coffee you prefer, every month.
  • A special boarding pass that gives you the opportunity to come to Colombia and visit one of our farms (we can’t wait to meet you!).
  • One product every month from our Colombian flavor kit. Wait for it…

So let’s get started. Select one of our fine Colombian coffees today!


This will also add the following products to your cart:

  • Free Boarding Pass (49 USD Value)

Know our varieties



Flavor Profile: Sugar cane, chocolate, delicate fruity sensation



Flavor Profile: Caramel, soft citric acidity, cocoa beans



Flavor Profile: Powerful aroma, traditional “panela”, citrus fruits