It takes 180 years to produce the perfect cup of coffee

With coffee, the origin is everything. Our region is keeping alive a tradition almost two centuries old, reflected in the culture and small towns declared to be historical heritage sites within our nation. Coffee in Antioquia is produced in 94 towns or “municipios,” grown in 136,000 hectares of crops spread throughout the region.

Ideal growing conditions are made possible by the central and western cordilleras (mountain ranges) that dominate the lush landscape, producing an exquisitely soft drink with a slightly fruity and herbal aroma, medium acidity, and a moderate body, resulting in a soft flavor with distinctive sweet notes.

At Estación Medellín, we select a variety of outstanding single-origin coffees produced in the Antioquia region by small farmer communities. They meticulously manage every aspect of the process, from seeding to roasting.

We guarantee every bean has been handpicked, washed with fresh mountain water, dried in the warm Colombian sun, carefully selected for quality, and roasted by us to ensure an extraordinary product. Coffee growers, baristas, roasters, teachers, and tasters work together to ensure you get the highest quality coffee, at fair prices, in a sustainable farm-to-table approach.

About flavor

Flavor is a mixed sensation that is detected by your mouth and nose at the same time. We are all capable of detecting flavors and smells, however, you need a long training to be able to translate the feelings you are experiencing to a value judgment that takes into account a memorized regency pattern.

Organoleptic analysis of a cup of coffee is performed by experts with the ability to translate the sensations they experience when testing coffee, just like it is done with the wine!

After selecting the best coffee, trying different roastings, tasting, and adjusting the process, our specialized quality team got the perfect cup! the one that highlights the best of the different origins we have.

They have determined 4 characteristics in our coffees to describe the final sensation of each one, so you can have an idea of what to expect before you enjoy them.

Roasting: This is the final step in the coffee process. This is the part the taste and the aroma hidden inside the beans are set frees of chemical reactions. The lighter roasts have pleasant acidity as well as more fruitiness and sweetness. Darker roasts have more “roasty” and bitter notes

Aroma: The smell of the coffee when infused with hot water

Acidity: Contributes to a coffee’s liveliness, sweetness, and fresh- fruit character

Body: The quality of Body is based upon the tactile feeling of the liquid in the mouth

Experts train for years to be good at this and work with this flavor wheel, where you can find more than 1000 different flavors, twice the amount you can find in the wine.

If you are starting in the coffee world do not worry! There is a lot we have prepared for you to learn in this journey and starting by enjoying your cup coffee is more than enough.

Never settle for a less-than-perfect cup of coffee again

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